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A wind energy park development company for Native American Tribal lands in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.  BREAKING NEWS!
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Windmills USA in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

Windmills USA is a company dedicated to creating Wind Energy parks in all Native American Reservations in the US that have suitable terrain and wind conditions. This project will create Wind Energy Business opportunities for all parties involved.

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Community Benefits:

  • Create new job opportunities in the involved reservations both on a short and long term basis
  • Create long term cash flow and profit for all parties involved
  • Creating a new "up in time" business on Reservations that will attract positive attention towards all the involved parties and generate high success
  • Establish a rewarding and satisfying business that is good for the planet as well as the economics of its participants

Economic Impact:

    Windmill Power
  • Due to global demand and lack of energy sources and continual larger Co2 emission. Significant opportunity exists for wind energy as a viable alternative and possibility to substantially reduce Co2 emission.
  • Production of electricity from Wind parks on Native American reservations will minimize import of Oil.
  • Windparks generate a chance for the consumer to enjoy green energy.
  • Windparks provide the opportunity for Native American Indian Tribes to gain revenue from otherwise under utilzed land without significantly disturbing the environment.
  • Windparks provide the Tribes with the opportunity for increased jobs and employment.


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