Frequently Asked Questions:



How long will it take to build a Windpark on our lands?
A wind study takes approximately one year and construction of the park is normally a two year process

How long will these benfits continue?


How much land will the windpark occupy?
Depending on the size of the park and the Wind turbines used this can vary from 500 acres sites to as much as 50,000 acres

What benefits will we receive from this program?
Your tribe will receive a continuous stream of cash flow from the lease as well as contruction and maintenace employment opportunities and electrical power

what effect will the windpark have on the use of our lands?
Virtually none. The wind turbine blades will be more than high enough off the ground to allow normal argriculural and live stock land usage and the footprint required for the mounting tower is minimum

What is required of our tribe to begin?
Contact WindmillsUSA for a discussion of your reservation lands and a preliminary evaluation of their applicablity to the project.  Click HERE to contact us now.

What monies will I have to invest in this project
None -  WindmillsUSA will provide and arrange all necessary project funding from inception through operation













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