Wind Energy Park Planning is a basic requirement for success and includes:

  • Helicopter InstallationSite selection
    • Restrictions
    • Topography
    • Weather
    • Infrastructure
    • Grid location
    • Local Energy costs
  • Wind evaluation using measuring masts
    • Speed
    • Consistency
    • Volume
    • Terrain
    • Wind Energy park layout
    • Grid connection
    • Availability
    • Proximity
    • Demand
    • Power purchase requirements
    • Grid compatibility
  • Regulations, leases and permits
    • Local
    • Regional
    • Federal

Installing Windmills

Once this feasibility has been established the steps for proceeding are as follows:

  • Determining the size and scope of the Wind Energy park
    • Based on the available land area
    • Financial resources available
    • Demand of the grid and area
  • Selecting the size and type of wind turbine
    • Based on wind survey
    • Local conditions both environmental and soil
    • Availability for acquisition and construction
  • Construction of the Wind Energy park and its Access
    • Site preparation
    • Assembly of materials
    • Staffing
  • Connection to the Grid
    • Contracting with local energy companies
    • Construction of power lines
    • Construction of transfer stations
  • Commissioning the project
    • Start up of the wind energy farm
  • On-going service and maintenance
    • Establishing a maintenance program
    • Forming a Service and maintenance team

Thinking Green

Windmill Energy ::
a renewable source of energy that provides clean, non-polluting electricity without polluting the air or generating greenhouse gases. More ...