April 20, 2008

National Indian Gaming association Annual meeting San Diego, California

Indian Gaming Convention 2008 


WindmillsUSA and The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. announce a joint partnership to develop Wind Energy Parks on Native American Tribal Lands.

Richard Bowers, President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. and Peter Johansen of the Johansen group of Denmark announced today their joint cooperation in WindmillsUSA. Denmark has been the leading country in the development of wind energy and presently obtains approximately 30% of its energy from wind power. Windmills USA headed by Johansen, brings that technology to the USA in this venture staffed with both leading windmill experts and a strong management team. The venture will benefit the Native American Tribes both with additional sources of revenue from their Tribal lands as well as both short and long term job opportunities and education in this rapidly growing and important field.

Mr. Bowers and Johansen highlighted the importance and contribution which the Native American Indian Tribes will make with this program both to them and the community through the generation of "green energy", thereby making beneficial use of their lands.

Richard BowersMr. Bowers stated that "…this is another important step in the economic diversification of Native American Tribal activities to increase their economic prosperity while at the same time generating "green energy" which benefits the planet.


Peter JohansenMr. Johansen stated that "I am pleased to have formulated this partnership with Mr. Bowers and the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., and to have the opportunity to work together with Native American Indian Tribes to bring the technology which we have developed in Denmark to productive and beneficial use on tribal lands"

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WindmillsUSA LLC
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